A part-time job should just be that, a small job that you do on weekends and focus on the rest of your career during the week. Right?

Wrong, well that is how I felt anyway. I was studying my A levels at high school when I got a small four hour job at a retail store and it was my first ever permanent role in a store.  So I was really excited to start and I put my all into it.

It was a really great job, working weekends and serving customers helping them with their fashion needs. And I actually loved my job.

There was a lot of staff changes throughout my time working there with both manager and assistant managers, which took a rocky turn as there were times where nobody knew what they were doing.

It eventually got sorted out and we had both a full time permanent manager and assistant manager. They were very pally together but worked well as a team and were great at managing us.

But then it all went downhill. I was the youngest team member in the store and the new assistant manager made a fuss of that, at first it was a joke but then it got deeper than that. Every time I worked a shift with the assistant manager I’d get picked on or taken the mickey out of, or horrible things were said to me.

I didn’t feel like I could tell anyone from work so I would often come home and cry about it to my parents. They advised me that I should tell the manager but I felt that I couldn’t do that. I went higher and told the HR team and do you know what? They just told me to deal with it. Get a thick skin and learn to take a joke.

This was the last straw and I could not take it anymore so you know what I did? I found a better job with more hours (and I am still there now and I love it)  and I left. I rang the boss and told them I was leaving.

I did not give a reason why or to where I was going, I just said I was leaving and that was that.

Honestly it was the best thing I have ever done. If you are hating the job you are working in, it is not the right job.


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