You might have heard the saying “a breakdown is a breakthrough.” Often we have to go to the darkest places to find our true self. That can be hard to accept if things have become really difficult. You might have heard it being called “the dark night of the soul.” When you go through mental health issues and come out of the other side, you might start questioning your existence and why you are here. You might have tried to commit suicide and come back from the brink, and feel like the life you lived before you became ill was somebody else’s life. In spiritual terms many people believe that depression or a breakdown is the soul crying out to go down a different path, or to be healed. We can abuse our bodies and our minds for years, thinking that everything is fine and we can withstand this abuse without any major consequences. Some people eventually have physical health problems, others will develop mental health issues. If we are unable to work or even think properly, then we have to listen to our body and mind and make changes.

Many people who have been through extremely difficult times due to mental health issues become interested in spirituality.  Surviving horrendous mental pain makes you question a lot of things about life. In general, spirituality includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. You might start to read or research religion and a variety of religious faiths, even if its something that hasn’t interested you before. You might start to attend a church or other religious place to feel comfort and connection with others. Having faith in something other than yourself can be incredibly comforting, and help you to avoid mental health issues in the future. Remember that you might be feeling vulnerable and frail after overcoming mental health issues, and tell loved ones or friends what’s going on as there are people out there that unfortunately can take advantage in these situations.

If you don’t feel drawn towards traditional religions, you may just feel interested in spirituality generally, or what to know more about the spiritual path. There are many different ways to go down the spiritual path, and the path is personal to you. You can start with books on wellbeing and personal development, angels, astrology, past lives, the mind-body connection amongst many other topics. You may also decide to go on spiritual retreats to nourish your soul, or attend workshops and seminars to find out more about spiritual topics. You might also work with a spiritual coach to move forward with your life and find happiness. Below are links to websites and books which you might be interested in as you move forward on your journey towards self-love, peace and happiness.

www.hayhouse.co.uk – Hay House is a major publisher of metaphysical and spiritual books all over the world. It was set up by Louise Hay, a renowned publisher and author whose book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ has sold over 35 million copies.

www.angeltherapy.com – Doreen Virtue is the world’s authority on angels. She has written over fifty books on New-Age topics and is famous for her angel oracle card decks which help people to receive messages from their angels.

www.chopra.com – Deepak Chopra is an author, speaker and prominent figure in the New Age movement.

www.drwaynedyer.com – Wayne Dyer was an internationally renowned author and speaker in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth. Over the four decades of his career, he wrote more than 40 books, created many audio and video programs and appeared on thousands of television and radio shows.

www.marianne.com – Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed spiritual author and lecturer. Her best seller A Return to Love is considered a must-read of The New Spirituality.

www.eckharttolle.com – Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual teacher and author, his books The Power of Now and A New Earth are regarded as two of the most influential spiritual books of our time.

www.tonyrobbins.com – Tony Robbins is the author of five internationally bestselling personal development books, including Awaken The Giant Within. He has empowered more than 50 million people from 100 countries through his audio, video and life training programs.

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