When you start a new job, you’re usually full of hope that your life will improve, you’ll enjoy your time at work more and have a good experience. You don’t often start worrying about what could go wrong. It can quickly seem like you’ve made a wrong move, especially if you have a difficult boss, an excessive workload, you don’t get adequate training or support or you find yourself bullied or harassed. You can try and improve the situation, but your in a difficult position and after a while you might find that you start to feel stressed out and unhappy. Remember that it isn’t your fault, and that things will get better. It can be difficult to discuss certain issues, especially if you’re in a new role and feel like you can’t speak to your boss or other managers about the problems that are affecting you.

In this section you’ll find helpful advice and information on a wide variety of issues, such as bullying and harassment at work, dealing with excessive workloads and lack of support at work. There’s also advice if you’re self-employed and stressed. You’ll also find legal advice and information on organisations who can help you if you are facing difficult issues at work.

Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace 

Excessive Workload 

Lack of support at work 

Self-Employment Stress 

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