This blog is a place for people who have been affected by work-related mental health issues to share their stories.

By finding out about what others have been through and how they overcame their difficulties, we can learn which situations to avoid, how to cope with difficult situations that arise at work and how to recover. Here you’ll also find news relating to work-related mental health issues.

If you would like to contribute your story to the blog, please email your story as a word file to, and include an image and a bio if you are happy to. Due to the delicate nature of this information we understand the need to stay anonymous if necessary.

Workplace Stress – My Story By Emma

“She’s weak. She’s pathetic. We don’t need deadweight like her round here." They were the words that I heard come out of the mouth of a senior director where I used to work. He was talking about a woman that I worked with. Somebody who had become a good friend to me...

Social Work, Depression And Me by Lisa Watson

Sitting in front of a computer writing this has been cathartic and healing, it has also made me realise how the majority of this depression has been caused by work-related stress. I graduated from university with first class honours in Social Work in 2008. The hardest...

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